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With Vondy, you can focus on the creative aspects of your work while leaving tedious and repetitive tasks to our AI. We offer hundreds of useful apps for all kinds of tasks, such as writing, marketing, coding, art, and more. Sign up today to start writing your next article, debugging your next program, or even […]

Global Predictions Inc

About Global Predictions Global Predictions is building the world’s only commercially available digital twin of the economy, powering the next generation of decision-making, providing policymakers, corporations, and investors unbiased insights and tools to explain shifts in the economy, develop and manage investment portfolios, recognize risks, and forecast into the future. Its proprietary Recommendation Engine is […]


PortfolioPilot is a personalized, AI-driven investing coach that empowers self-directed investors to feel more confident in improving their risk-adjusted returns. Users are able to view all their assets in one place, find opportunities, minimize risks, and act on personalized recommendations, all powered by Global Predictions’ commercial-grade Macro Insights and Recommendation Engine.

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