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Facebook is weighing a possible ban on all election ads during the 2020 US Presidential Election in November. The potential ban hasn’t yet been finalized but it could limit the misuse of political campaigns to suppress voting activity.
Curated the: July 13, 2020
There's a huge difference between "Hey, that's cool" and "What on earth is this?". One doesn't need to be a professional designer to create aesthetically pleasing content. Here's how!
Curated the: July 13, 2020
More than 70,000 businesses use Hubspot. Therefore, the latter has more than enough data to draw some conclusions. Here are some of these conclusions regarding customers during COVID-19.
Curated the: July 13, 2020
Backlinks are one of the most essential components of SEO. Alt hough many backlink checkers aren’t free, they are a few of them that not only are they good at what they do, they also come at no cost.
Curated the: July 13, 2020
Content marketing is on the frontline on marketing, and for a good reason. Here's how any content marketing team can make the most out of it.
Curated the: July 13, 2020
In Facebook's effort to integrate its three messaging platforms (Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct) to simplify cross-communication, it brings features from one platform to the others. Accordingly, WhatsApp now has new features.
Curated the: July 3, 2020
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