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Curated the: August 1, 2022

Google Gives Third-Party Cookies Another Year

Last year, Google extended the deadline for third-party cookies to 2023. Now, it extends the deadline once more, announcing its plan to start phasing them out in 2024.
Curated the: August 1, 2022

Top 4 AI Writing Assistants for Smart Writers to Use in 2022

Copywriters write, content writers write, marketers write. Other professionals write, too, from a Google Doc to an email. AI writing assistants can help with proofreading, generating automated content, and anything in between.
Curated the: August 1, 2022

8 Content Marketing Metrics You Should Actually Care About

Web traffic sources, referring domains, and time on page are some of the metrics in content marketing you can start measuring. Here are all of them to decide which make the most sense for your business.
Curated the: August 1, 2022

How to Optimize Facebook Ads for Quality Website Traffic

From creating a scroll depth trigger in Google Tag Manager to setting up a custom conversion for your Facebook Ads campaigns, here are 8 things to do to optimize your Facebook ads.
Curated the: August 1, 2022

15 Quick SEO Wins (To Improve Your Rankings)

You’ve probably heard that SEO takes time - and it certainly does. However, there are a few quick SEO wins you can start implementing immediately to improve your rankings as soon as possible.
Curated the: July 25, 2022

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO: Link Building Guide

What are the differences between white hat & black hat SEO and what do they stand for? Here are the most popular black hat & white hat SEO link-building techniques you need to know.