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Curated the: March 1, 2021
The definitive guide to rich snippets. Learn everything about them as well as how to validate your structured data, how to add markup for rich snippets, and how to get them in the first place.
Curated the: February 8, 2021
Is topical link building or local link building better for local search? In January, SEMrush did some link building testing with four locations per test and a control group. Here are the results.
Curated the: January 25, 2021
If you want to create content that ranks at the top of the search engines and drives organic traffic in 2021, you need to understand how to build topical authority and demonstrate topical expertise.
Curated the: December 21, 2020
Last week, Google and its platforms went down for about an hour due to an “internal storage quota issue”, as Google noted. Consequently, the world went mad. Here’s the impact the outage had and how the digital world received it.
Curated the: December 14, 2020
2020 had its ups and downs - but mostly its downs. Learn how everything that happened this year reflected in everything from the top Google searches and the most trending news topics to the top stocks to invest in.
Curated the: November 23, 2020
You’ve probably heard of Black Hat SEO. You’ve also probably heard that you should avoid black hat tactics. But how can you be sure you’re not using black hat tactics if you don’t know all of them?
Curated the: November 9, 2020
Steal your competitor’s broken backlinks. Optimize core web vitals. Clean up toxic links. Here are 12 advanced tactics to increase the organic traffic of your website and win the SEO game as soon as possible.
Curated the: November 2, 2020
Do you want to know the most popular websites and keep track of all the market shifts? From 99 million visits to 30.9 billion searches, here’s the list with the 100 most visited websites in the US.
Curated the: October 5, 2020
Content marketing is considered to be the king of marketing - and for good reason. A solid content strategy has many steps, including setting goals and KPIs, research, content distribution, and more.
Curated the: September 14, 2020
What works in guest blogging and what doesn’t? Guest blogging used to be one of the better ways for link building and for creating a good reputation but what’s the status of guest blogging right now?
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