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Curated the: February 6, 2023
What makes for a good UX design? How can you create a positive experience when users visit and interact with your website? Here’s what you need to know about usability, functionality, searchability, and other UX elements.
Curated the: January 16, 2023
What are PBNs? How do they violate Google's Webmaster Quality Guidelines? What are the risks associated with PBNs? SEMrush debunks the many myths surrounding PBNs and explains the risks involved.
Curated the: January 9, 2023
A well-documented report can help your team or your client understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Here are 9 such marketing report templates that will come in handy for your daily, weekly, or monthly reports.
Curated the: November 28, 2022
When you move the URL of a webpage elsewhere. When you delete a page. When you merge two pages. And when you migrate your website to a new domain. For all these cases, you need a URL redirection.
Curated the: October 10, 2022

How to Format Your Blog Post: 7 Effective Tips for 2023

Writing a blog post is more of a science than an art. Thankfully, this means that you can replicate many of the successful tactics and methods there are out there. Here are some of them.
Curated the: July 4, 2022

SaaS Content Marketing Made Easy: 10 Steps to Success

Content marketing can help every kind of company and business grow organically. While for many businesses it’s a nice-to-have tool, for the SaaS industry, content marketing is a necessity. Here’s why.
Curated the: March 14, 2022

Market Research: An Overview and Step-by-Step Guide

What are the demographics of your target audience? What are their interests and buying habits? What problems can you help your audience solve? Market research is all about answering the right questions.
Curated the: February 28, 2022

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are easier to trank for and can help position a page faster than a head term; they can be the key to boosting your traffic and conversions. Here’s how to make the most out of them.
Curated the: February 14, 2022

Top 100: The Most Visited Websites in the US

When it comes to the top sites according to their organic traffic, the US sets the global trend. Can you guess which are those websites and who are the top players of the most major industries?

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