Why Us?

Growth Hackers

As world-class Growth Hackers, we are a team of innovators trusted by the world’s most popular startups and brands.

Passion and Expertise

Our deep Growth Hacking, technical, creative and marketing expertise are matched with our passion for our customers’ success.

Top-notch Trainers

Our Trainers have proven knowledge running in-class and intracompany, workshops, hackathons and executive MBA classes all around the globe.

Why Growth Junkie training is good for your business

Tailor-made Content

Because the training sessions involve your organisation’s employees only, we could dedicate the last part to address your specific marketing needs.

Better Productivity

The Growth-Junkie training enables all kind of employees to acquire new skills and knowledge about new tools or refine their existing competencies.

Your Place

The training takes place within your offices, meaning your employees won’t be displaced. Your employees won’t need to transport themselves

More than one syllabus

You can not only tailor the training sessions’ content but also their duration and context. One of our specificities is our highly modifiable nature.

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About Us

Who is Growthrocks

GrowthRocks is one of the top growth Hacking Agencies internationally and ranks #1 worldwide for the term “growth hacking agency”. In only 3 years, GrowthRocks has managed to expand its market to cover 16 countries, with offices in Athens, London, and affiliates in 10 more countries. Moreover, the GrowthRocks team has developed a VC-backed startup called Viral Loops-a SaaS platform for referral marketing with a 40% month after month Growth Rate!

Main Instructor

Theodoros Moulos

Theodore has a 15-year experience in running successful and profitable software products. Currently, he is the Group CEO of GrowthRocks. His career includes managerial roles for companies both in Greece and abroad and he has significant skills in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

One of his major career achievements was building i- docs an international product in Customer Communication Management and segmatiX, a product on marketing automation which very quickly found traction in important markets in Europe

He is also a guest lecturer in NYU - Executive MBA, co-founder and Instructor of Growth Hacking Academy and Instructor in almost all Digital Marketing Diplomas

Main Instructor

Bill Stathopoulos

Bill used to be a Growth & Content Marketer, delivering Inbound and Content Marketing strategies and campaigns that outperform expectations.
He has a background in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, as well as a natural incline towards Marketing, which makes him the perfect fit for the world of Growth Hacking. Due to his extrovert attitude, he moved into the sales and partner management position helping GrowthRocks expand to new geographies, create synergies and develop new products.

He is also an instructor in Growth Hacking Academy and Digital Marketing Diploma by HAU

Main Instructor

Savvas Zortikis

Savvas is a data-fuelled product and growth guy, who loves marketing and the Swedish design.
He was in charge of marketing automation campaigns for companies like BMW, Carrefour and France Soir, in more than 16 countries.
Now, he is the CEO of Viral Loops, a VC backed Viral Marketing Platform and VP Growth of GrowthRocks, one of the first international growth hacking agencies, helping funded and high-growing companies to achieve exponential growth.
He has been featured on Forbes, Fortune, Inbound.org, and KISSmetrics.

Plans & Curriculum

Besides the standard Plans you can create a custom one

Basic1.000 (€)

4 hours

Part 1 - Introduction (1 hour)

  • An introduction to Growth Hacking Marketing.
  • The process and growth frameworks companies like Spotify and Invision use.
  • How to build high-performing growth teams in your organization

Part 2 - Case Studies (1 hour)

  • How Josh Fechter built a Facebook community of 20,000 people that generates millions of dollars.
  • How The Hustle has gathered more than 500,000 through its ambassador program.
  • How Viral Loops got 100,000 views with a single Linkedin post.
  • How Viral Loops increased the conversion rate (trial to paid) by 50% in 2 months with a cross-functional growth team.

Part 3 - Discussion (2 hours)

In the final part, we discuss and analyze some of the growth challenges your company is currently facing.

Advanced1.500 (€)

8 hours

Part 1 - Introduction (1 hour)

  • Same as in Basic

Part 2 - Advanced Marketing Stack (2 hours)

  • Tag Manager
  • Advanced Analytics: Mixpanel. Segment
  • HeatMaps, Funnels, Form Analytics
  • Email Capturing
  • Exit Intents
  • Collect Customer Feedback

Part 3 - Getting Extra Traction (2 hours)

  • Select your digital properties
  • Creating digital properties
  • Smart traction channels: Product Hunt, Communities, Quora

Part 4 - Case Studies (1 hours)

  • Same as in Basic

Part 5 - Discussion (2 hours)

In the final part, we discuss and analyze some of the growth challenges your company is currently facing. 

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