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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is an essential aspect if you need to growth hack your site! We gathered some of the most fundamental tools just for you.
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Referral Marketing
Referral Marketing is necessary to leverage new customers by "going viral". People tend to trust recommendations from friends or colleagues more than any marketing program! Implementing a viral-loop is the cheapest user acquisition channel you could have
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Project Management
Discover amongst the Best Project Management Software Tools which is the best for your company. Help your team members manage their tasks and collaborate.
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Marketing Automation
An essential help for organizations to automate marketings tasks like email, SMS, blogging, social media, landing page creation, and others, online & offline.
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Team Communication & Collaboration
Software tools or Apps effectively boost communication between colleagues in order to enhance communication and collaboration within the workplace.
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E-signature solutions
Solutions to edit, sign, send and store files securely. Each come with a special set of features.
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An Advanced E-Signature Solution to edit, sign, sent, and store files Securely.
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A widget for your e-commerce site or website for live video calling and face-to-face chatting.
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The easiest way to learn or earn without ever leaving home!
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Curated the: June 27, 2022

This Week in Apps: Twitter Notes, Instagram age verification, Spotify’s Live Events

This Week in Apps is TechCrunch’s weekly series that recaps the latest news regarding mobile OS, mobile applications, and anything app-related. Here are the top stories to keep up with the app world.
Curated the: June 27, 2022

Top Google Searches (U.S. & Worldwide)

Google, as a verb is in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2006 and it means to type words into the search engine Google in order to find information about somebody or something. Here’s what the US, and the world, are googling.
Curated the: June 27, 2022

New Report Highlights TikTok's Rising Value as a Promotional Option for SMBs

According to a new study by SMB support service Hello Alice, SMBs' interest in TikTok and its potential as a marketing channel is on the rise. Now, more small businesses than ever are looking to expand their opportunities through TikTok.
Curated the: June 27, 2022

The Biggest YouTube Mistakes Marketers Make (and How to Overcome Them)

Is YouTube one of your marketing channels but the YouTube channel itself isn’t growing as much as you’d hoped for? Maybe you do the same mistakes many other marketers do; speaking of which, here they are.