Effie Bersoux

She is a data-driven marketer and she helps big, multinational organizations, as well as innovative startups, grow. She builds and motivates high-performance marketing teams. She currently is, co-Founder & CEO GrowthGirls.com, co-founder digi-girl.com, co-founder digi-pet.com, VP of Growth cryptoarena.org

“Women growth hackers are awesome and we have the data to prove it!” she claims.

Effie Bersoux
Online Events
An amazing Toolbox list recommended by Effie Bersoux for online events. Tools that make the communication easier no matter where you are.
Working in different TimeZones
A list of tools collected by a digital nomad. Tools that make her collaboration with her colleagues. Easier. As per the article posted in GrowthGirls.com.