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Theo Moulos

He has studied Phycology, Accounting, Computer Science and Management. As an ex-accountant and ex CTO, he is good with numbers and technical issues.

In total, he has 20+ years of experience in running successful and profitable software products. For the last four years, he is the Group CEO of GrowthRocks (Ranked #1 for Growth Hacking worldwide). His career includes managerial roles for companies around the globe and he has significant skills in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

In his free time, he assists Startups to achieve growth and product-market-fit.

Theo moulos
AI Tools for HR
Accelerate talent acquisition with AI-powered tools. Automate screening, optimize efficiency and discover top candidates effortlessly. Embrace the future of HR with AI to revolutionize your hiring process
AI Tools for Financial Institutions, Insurances & debt collectors
A list of AI tools for ARM (Account Receivable Management) industry with specialization to support collection agencies and other Financial Services Providers
AI Tools for everyone
The full list of AI tools for individuals or for professionals of all kinds. Generic tools for generic usage. From keeping you company, to answer all your questions
AI Tools for Health Care Providers
The absolute list of AI tools for Health Care Providers such as hospitals, doctors, pharmacists etc.
AI Tools for Marketers
For every marketer to enter the realm of AI mastery with our handpicked collection of indispensable tools. Unlock the full potential of your work, increase your productivity and embrace the future with confidence. AI is here to assist marketers not to replace them
01 - Introduction
Step into the future of productivity and efficiency with automation tools
09 - Lead Generation via Social Selling
Discover the possibilities of Social Selling and the right way to a successful advertisement
08 - Lead Generation via Viral Marketing
Turn potential customers into powerful ambassadors through Viral Marketing
07 - Lead Generation via Content Marketing
Maximize Lead Generation with Content Marketing tools: Create, amplify, convert

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