Theo Moulos

He has studied Phycology, Accounting, Computer Science and Management. As an ex-accountant and ex CTO, he is good with numbers and technical issues.

In total, he has 20+ years of experience in running successful and profitable software products. For the last four years, he is the Group CEO of GrowthRocks (Ranked #1 for Growth Hacking worldwide). His career includes managerial roles for companies around the globe and he has significant skills in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

In his free time, he assists Startups to achieve growth and product-market-fit.

Theo moulos
My favorite Markstack (for a webapp)
What are the tools to be used when working on growth? If you had to start from scratch what are the tools you would use having in mind features and costs?
My Favorite Wordpress Plugins
My favorite CMS is Wordpress. The first task I do in every new Wordpress site is to install those plugins. I checked hundreds of plugins before concluding that those are my favorites.
Chrome plugins I can't live without!
These are the top-10 plugins I have on my chrome browser. Without those plugins by productivity suffers and my efficiency goes ... bananas..
From Designing to development
What does it take for the development and designing teams to collaborate? Here is the list of tools I selected, worked with and helped me to handle this task efficiently and effectively

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