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GHA - Class Mar 23

That was the 5th year of running this course. This time we changed it a lot. We increased the hours and we spent a significant amount of time in building the funnel. We shared guides, templates, code, and many more useful resources for every growth hacker.
It was the first time that we delivered a full 54-h program about Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing with practical examples and hands-on guides on the full approach.

Growth Hacking Academy - Resources
Main Instructors
Effie Bersoux
Theo Moulos
Courses' Resources
01 - Introduction
Step into the future of productivity and efficiency with automation tools
09 - Lead Generation via Social Selling
Discover the possibilities of Social Selling and the right way to a successful advertisement
08 - Lead Generation via Viral Marketing
Turn potential customers into powerful ambassadors through Viral Marketing
07 - Lead Generation via Content Marketing
Maximize Lead Generation with Content Marketing tools: Create, amplify, convert
04 - Mastering Data Visualization
Embody the visual power of data, illuminating possibilities and driving informed decisions
03 - Setup your IMS
Empower your business with an IMS setup, integrating diverse tools for exponential growth
02 - Mastering Web Properties
Build your digital empire and unleash the full potential of your Web Properties
06 - Lead Generation via Other Channels
Harness the potential of community platforms, cultivating growth and launching your business
10 - Building the Team & The Growth Hacking Process
Fueling passion and igniting synergy by achieving extraordinary results

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