Usually, a sale involves two or more parties exchanging goods, services, or assets for money, but there are times when sellers receive other assets in exchange for goods.
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LAST UPDATE: is an AI-powered video prospecting platform built for busy entrepreneurs and sales teams who love getting high email response rates and starting conversations with prospects
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Experience the future of video marketing with Hypercast. Seamlessly generate thousands of personalized videos for your audience, capturing the attention of your audience like never before
Automate your inbound and outbound sales calls with Namely AI. Namely AI handles your sales calls, helping you increase efficiency and reduce costs
The first AI-powered super-chatbot to stay relevant in the competitive world of e-commerce. ZipChat delivers the highest converting customer experience your business craves
AI-Powered Cold Emails & LinkedIn Messages in one click. Instantly generate highly personalized emails based on your prospect’s website, blog posts, social media profiles, and more! Get 6X higher response rates
Hyperpersonalized AI enables businesses to easily identify qualified leads, surface customer insights and send personalized outreach at scale
LAST UPDATE: automates chat over Website, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp for E-commerce Stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce
ChatWizard AI is a powerful tool that allows you to build custom AI chatbots for your website. Leveraging the capabilities of GPT, ChatWizard AI enables you to train your chatbot on your own data, ensuring a highly relevant and personalized user experience
LAST UPDATE: is developing Deep Learning-based NLP technology that powers conversational customer service chatbots and natural language search on your website and in apps

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