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Curated the: April 10, 2023
In the vast sea of "growth samurais" and "digital super-master wise gurus", it's easy to get drowned. No worries! Here is a list of professionals to keep from the growth marketing industry to keep an eye on.
Curated the: April 3, 2023
Lifecycle marketing is how brands engage with their target audience, convert it into loyal customers, and retain those customers. It’s also about creating all the necessary personalized touchpoints to make this happen.
Curated the: March 27, 2023
Short-form video is the king of social media formats. And the best social media platforms for this kind of content are TikTok and Instagram. But what are their similarities, what are their differences and what’s a better choice for you?
Curated the: March 20, 2023
Growth hacking is not magic. It’s simply data-driven marketing with the addition of 3 basic components: a process, a funnel, and a certain skillset. This collection of growth hacking courses will help you with the latter.
Curated the: March 13, 2023
Not every agency is an ad agency. Not every ad agency is located on Madison avenue. And most certainly, not every creative director is called Don Draper. Here’s what you need to know about agencies.
Curated the: March 6, 2023
If you’ve been in digital marketing in the last few years, chances are you have encountered the term ‘growth hacking’ more than once. But what does ‘growth hacking’ mean in this time and age?
Curated the: February 20, 2023
Does ChatGPT write better outreach emails than most link-builders? Can it make suggestions for your media planning? And what happened when ChatGPT wrote a blog post summary as Dora the Explorer?
Curated the: February 13, 2023
Growth hacking is older than you may think. This is the story of how Hotmail, Airbnb, Pinterest, Shutterstock, Canva, Slack, and Calendly grew and became the successful companies we know today.
Curated the: February 6, 2023
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