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Curated the: November 28, 2022
Trends come and go - but what graphic design trends are coming next year? Besides graphic designers, content marketers, and social media managers should also be in sync with what is hot in aesthetics.
Curated the: November 21, 2022
Not every social media platform works the same for every kind of industry. Here’s where you should probably spend your social media marketing budget according to the industry you operate in.
Curated the: November 14, 2022
Instagram is rolling out its new in-app post scheduling tools for all professional accounts. This new option will enable these accounts to schedule photos, carousels, and Reels directly from the app.
Curated the: October 24, 2022

Musk Plans Massive Staff Cuts at Twitter, Jokes About Merging with ‘Free Speech’ Social Networks

It’s no secret that Musk has been planning a major staff cut since May. More precisely, he’s thinking about laying off 75% of Twitter’s 7,500 workers, which will leave the company with a staff of just over 2,000.
Curated the: October 17, 2022

TikTok Adds Photo Mode for Still Images, Longer Video Captions

According to TikTikok, “Photo Mode allows you to share carousel posts of still images that automatically display one after another. You can add music to soundtrack the images, which viewers can swipe through at their own pace.”
Curated the: October 10, 2022

Reddit Rolls Out Updates to Ads Manager, Including New Targeting and Creation Tools

Reddit is growing and continues to grow its ad business as well. Now, it is rolling out a major update for its Ads Manager which will include an Audience Manager, a Post Library, and live direct support, among others.
Curated the: September 12, 2022

Instagram Confirms That it is Testing a ‘Re-Post’ Feature for the Main Feed

Instagram is testing a new ‘Repost’ option, which will give users the option to amplify any post by re-sharing it with their followers. “We’re exploring the ability to reshare posts in Feed – similar to how you can reshare in Stories”.
Curated the: September 5, 2022

Tweet Editing is Here, with Live Testing Now Active in the App

After 16 years, Twitter launched what’s arguably the most requested social media platform addition: the Edit button for Twitter posts. Right now, it’s being tested internally while the next test phase will include Twitter Blue users.
Curated the: August 29, 2022

New Report Show That Reels are Generating the Most Reach on Instagram

How do different types of content perform on Instagram? Here’s an analysis of 77.6 million Instagram posts throughout July 2022 that measured the latest engagement trends, based on format.

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