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Curated the: June 14, 2021
Last Friday Friday, four separate bills were introduced to the House of Representatives which all take aim at various elements of big tech monopolies. Those bills could have significant implications on the Big Tech.
Curated the: June 7, 2021
TikTok has released Part 2 of its 'Behind the Business' series, with tips and insights for small businesses that are looking to make the most out of the platform and take a fresh digital marketing approach.
Curated the: May 17, 2021
Last year, Twitter sent out a survey to some of its users and ask them what additional features would they pay for to enhance their in-app experience. Since then, the platform has been developing “Twitter Blue”.
Curated the: May 10, 2021
An Android version of the audio social platform is now available, in limited beta for now, with a wider launch coming soon. Clubhouse’s intention is to collect feedback from the community, fix any issues and add a few final features.
Curated the: April 30, 2021
Twitter is launching a live test of its new 'Professional Profiles', which will provide a new way for brands to present themselves on the platform, with dedicated tools and features aligned specifically with work use.
Curated the: April 26, 2021
It was no secret that the biggest social media platform wants to tap into the Clubhouse-led trend. Well, now it’s official: here’s the announcement and everything you need to know.
Curated the: April 19, 2021
Google has announced an update to its ranking algorithm in relation to product reviews, in an effort to highlight more in-depth, informative overviews within search results.
Curated the: April 12, 2021
Reddit is testing its own take on audio social, with audio rooms within subreddits. The platform is quietly exploring a new feature that would enable moderator-run voice chats, possibly similar to Clubhouse.
Curated the: April 5, 2021
Given the rising popularity of Clubhouse, Microsoft’s subsidiary, LinkedIn, now wants to tap into the social trend of audio rooms, developing its own audio rooms product for professionals.
Curated the: March 29, 2021
‘Stories drafts’ has been a highly requested feature. Instagram recently announced that it will soon add a new option to save your Instagram Stories as drafts, to be posted at a later stage.
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