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Curated the: November 29, 2021
Instagram officially launched a live test of 60-second videos in Stories. In practice, this means that longer video clips will no longer be broken into 15-second segments, and played across various Stories frames.
Curated the: November 22, 2021
The brand new ‘CommunityToks’ focuses on how TikTok helps to drive engagement within niches, and how businesses can tap into the same process to maximize their promotional and branding efforts.
Curated the: November 8, 2021
While they’ve been a part of the social media landscape since pretty much the beginning, many people still don’t understand the use or value of hashtags, or how to choose the right tags to include in your posts.
Curated the: November 1, 2021
The gig economy shows no signs of slowing down and the Microsoft-owned company is looking to tap into it. LinkedIn is opening up a new front in the job market for freelancers and expands the platform’s functions.
Curated the: October 25, 2021
Why do people get recommendations for videos uploaded 10-12 years ago? Has YouTube changed its algorithm recently? The top video platform answers all the hot questions we have in mind.
Curated the: October 11, 2021
YouTube users are watching 694,444 hours of video. TikTok users watch 167 million clips. People buy $6M worth of goods. This is what happens every minute of the day on the internet.
Curated the: October 4, 2021
Despite TikTok being banned in India and almost being banned in the US, the popular Chinese app has continued to steadily grow and has now reached a new milestone of one billion monthly active users.
Curated the: September 27, 2021
Facebook has announced a set of new tools with a specific focus on personalized messaging, The updates are part of Facebook’s broader business push, which includes Facebook Shops.
Curated the: September 20, 2021
A dedicated landing page for your PPC ads (rather than just a generic homepage) enables you to streamline content and reduce friction along the path to purchase. Here’s how to make the most out of it.
Curated the: September 13, 2021
Facebook made in partnership with Ray Ban and created a new pair of glasses called Ray Ban ‘Stories. The glasses, starting at $299, allow you to capture photos and video and take phone calls.
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