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Curated the: April 10, 2023
Web developers prioritize the appearance and stability of a website. On the other hand, SEO specialists focus on UX and functionality above everything else. So how can the two of them collaborate effectively?
Curated the: April 3, 2023
All three generative AI tools were put to the test and were asked the same set of 30 questions across various topics. How did they perform in regards to Quality, Accuracy, Completeness, and On-topicness.
Curated the: March 27, 2023
Google’s AI chatbot, Bard is under early access in the US and the UK. Read some first-hand experiences and initial thoughts on Bard and learn how you can sign up for the waitlist yourself.
Curated the: March 20, 2023
Following February’s product reviews update, the first Google core update of 2023, and the first in more than six months, is here. As always, the rollout can take up to a couple of weeks to complete.
Curated the: January 16, 2023
Brands are using AI-generated content more than ever, with Bankrate.com being one of the latest examples; a well-known financial site that has now started using AI to write part of its content.
Curated the: December 19, 2022
Right at the end of the year, Google released yet another Google Search update for 2022. This update affecting all languages will take about two weeks to roll out fully and will focus on neutralizing spammy links.
Curated the: November 14, 2022
Universal Analytics is still active. However, since you can’t import data from UA to Google Analytics 4, if you want to be able to make a year-over-year comparison next year, you need to take action now.
Curated the: September 26, 2022

The Biggest Mystery of Google’s Algorithm: Everything Ever Said About Clicks, CTR, and Bounce Rate

Are CTR and bounce rate ranking factors? What about bounce rate and dwell time? Search Engine Land is looking for answers - and it believes it’s found them. Here are its observations and opinions.
Curated the: September 19, 2022

12 WordPress Site Settings That Are Critical to Your SEO Success

WordPress is not only the most popular but also one of the most SEO-friendly content management systems right now. Here are 12 settings to keep in mind for better traffic and rankings.

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