Curated the: April 5, 2021
Microsoft rolls out a new ad type for Bing, which will allow dealership advertisers to expand their reach and see the same increase in conversions they might have from Image Extensions.
Curated the: February 15, 2021
“Have you ever searched for something in Google Images and sometimes found the results dominated by the same image?” asks Google. With the image search update, this is about to change.
Curated the: January 25, 2021
Google is rolling out a new design for its mobile search results. The updated interface aims to make the search interface easier to read for searchers while providing a cleaner and more modern experience.
Curated the: December 21, 2020
10 state attorneys filed a lawsuit against Google. The claim holds that Google made a deal with Facebook to curtail header bidding so that it could continue to dominate the online ad space.
Curated the: December 7, 2020
Google is rolling out a new core update in December, namely the December 2020 core update. No surprise here. Google has also published a FAQ in case the update hits your website(s).
Curated the: November 9, 2020
Over the past few hours, many advertisers experienced bugs on Facebook Ads. In some cases, multiple accounts received ad disapproval, while in other cases, ads and even whole ad accounts were mistakenly disabled.
Curated the: October 19, 2020
Last week, Bing announced the re-launch of Bing Site Explorer. According to Microsoft, it is "a complete new experience, cleaner and far easier to use and complete new system to support this tool.”
Curated the: September 28, 2020
It’s the first time since 2008 that Google’s ad revenue declines. On the other hand, Amazon’s growth skyrocketed this year as well as its ad revenue, despite being new in the advertising space. Here’s the full story.
Curated the: September 7, 2020
Bing announced on Friday that it added a robots.txt tester to its Webmaster Tools. Now, SEOs can use the new tool to test their robots.txt file and highlight any possible crawling issues the website might have.
Curated the: August 10, 2020
SEO is always surrounded by a veil of mysticism. What works in SEO? What doesn’t? As it usually goes with mysticism, it has created a lot of myths, so here are the most popular ones.
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