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Curated the: January 30, 2023
Repetitive tasks are usually the less creative and most dull tasks in any activity, including SEO. What if you could automate some of these tasks, save some time, and create some piece of mind along the way?
Curated the: January 23, 2023
Not all keywords are created equal. What this means for your SEO is that some keywords are harder to rank for than others. How can you know which these keywords are and give the lowest effort with the highest reward?
Curated the: January 9, 2023
Did you know that 90% of Grammarly’s traffic comes from 10% of its pages? Or that 20% of its content gets no organic traffic at all? Here are 11 interesting insights about Grammarly’s SEO strategy you should know.
Curated the: November 7, 2022

15 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools & How to Use Them

Affiliate marketing takes time. And you will most likely need the right tools. Here are some of the best such tools that can help you get more traffic and make your affiliate marketing life easier.
Curated the: October 17, 2022

How to Build a Keyword Strategy [Free Template]

Step #1: Find keywords with traffic potential. Step#2: Check their value for your business. 3. Step:#3: Check ranking difficulty. Step#4: Bring it all together. Here’s the full guide + a free template.
Curated the: October 10, 2022

Ahrefs’ Twitter Marketing Strategy: Here’s How We Do It

The SEO platform Ahrefs is known for openly sharing its SEO and content strategies with its readers. Now, it explains why it picked Twitter as one of its marketing channels and what its been doing with it for the past 9 months.
Curated the: September 12, 2022

13 Affordable Digital Marketing Tactics That Work

In contrast to traditional marketing, digital marketing democratized marketing, making it more accessible and cheaper to businesses and professionals. Here are some of the best tactics that have made this true.
Curated the: August 29, 2022

How to Implement an International SEO Strategy (Step-by-Step Guide)

Looking to reach an international audience through organic search? Implementing an international SEO strategy means knowing your market, and understanding the technical requirements, among other things.
Curated the: August 22, 2022

14 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic is the Alpha and the Omega of a website. And driving organic traffic is one of the biggest challenges most websites need to face. Here are 14 proven ways to overcome this challenge.

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