6 Best Marketing Podcasts (Most Voted For)

Ahrefs asked its 13,400 members from Ahrefs Insider, the Facebook group, which are their favorite marketing podcasts. Totally, the members mentioned 90 podcasts but 6 of them stood out at the end.

How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis

Do you have an eCommerce store, a website for your services, or a landing page with an online course? As with any physical business, no matter what digital business you have, you need to know how to conduct a competitive analysis.

What is Earned Media? 7 Ways to Get It

Do you know the differences between earned media, paid media, and owned media? Also, what does the media have to do with SEO? And, most importantly, how do you get earned media successfully?

Voice Search: A No-Nonsense Guide

Google voice search, or any voice search for that matter, is on the rise. So how can you leverage this trend and what are a few things you should know? And should you optimize for voice search in the first place?

10 SEO Myths You Should Ignore

Compared to email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, or PPC, SEO has the vaguest practices as it plays the guessing game. Accordingly, many myths surround SEO, and Ahrefs is busting them one by one.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page (Step by Step)

Creating a Wikipedia Page for yourself or your business is not an easy task. In this guide, you’ll learn how to create one and how to stand the best chance of getting it approved long-term

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