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Curated the: May 23, 2022

What Is Link Bait? 7 Successful Examples

Link-building is probably the hardest part of SEO. Finding other domains and getting them to link to your pages and content takes more time than many can afford. This is where link bait content comes in.
Curated the: May 16, 2022

17 Lead Magnet Examples + Tips on Topics & Traffic Sources

A lead magnet is a popular marketing mechanism, according to which a website offers something valuable (eBook, discount, product trial) in exchange for the website visitor's contact information - usually their email.
Curated the: February 21, 2022

7 SEO Conferences (Online and Offline) to Attend in 2022

Search Engine Optimization has become an industry of its own with its very own blogs, forums, communities, and dedicated conferences. If you are looking to attend one of these conferences, here are the top of them for this year.
Curated the: February 7, 2022

What Is the Buyer’s Journey? How to Create Content for Every Stage

Most consumers don’t visit a landing page and smash the Buy Now button as soon as they see it. Rather, they read articles, watch videos, and join communities to get educated before they make a purchase.
Curated the: January 31, 2022

15 Podcasts to Boost Your SEO Game

Here are some of the best SEO podcasts according to Ahrefs, including The Authority Hacker Podcast, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, The Search Engine Journal Show, and Crawling Mondays.
Curated the: January 24, 2022

B2B Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide

From positioning your product or service to how you can make the most out of events and trade shows, here's what you need to know about B2B marketing - including some of the most successful examples in the industry.
Curated the: December 13, 2021

Do Links Still Matter for Rankings? A Study by Ahrefs

Are backlinks dead? Are they still an important ranking factor? Ahrefs made three experiments where they disavowed all the backlinks for each page for a month. Here are the results.
Curated the: December 6, 2021

SEO Analytics: The Simple Step-By-Step Guide

It’s impossible to prioritize and get approval for your SEO efforts without knowing what is and isn’t working for your website. In this guide, you’ll learn how to solve this problem using SEO analytics.
Curated the: November 15, 2021

SEO for Startups: 8 Steps to Grow on a Budget

Startups are always on the lookout for scalable growth tactics that can be done with little or no money. SEO is one of these tactics as it can bring you organic traffic which you can, and should, scale.