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Curated the: March 20, 2023
If the objective of your Instagram account is to sell, then the number of Likes is a vanity metric indeed. From Likes to Sales, here are the native tools you need to know about and a few tips to keep in mind.
Curated the: March 13, 2023
Do your Instagram ads cost more than they should? Are you looking to improve the ROI of your Instagram ads? Here’s a step-by-step guide to making the most out of your ads on Instagram.
Curated the: March 6, 2023
The purpose of any landing page is pretty clear: to turn visitors into customers. Bringing visitors to your website is one thing but creating a landing page that converts is a whole different beast. Here’s how to slay it!
Curated the: February 20, 2023
Many YouTube creators and marketers don’t make short videos as an end itself. Read how those two are connected and how you can promote the one with the help of the other.
Curated the: January 30, 2023
The more consumers are overwhelmed with ads and information, the more traditional marketing is dying out, and new branches of marketing emerge. Community-based marketing is one of these branches, and it has its own benefits.
Curated the: December 19, 2022
Are you thinking about growing your business with the power of NFTs? Why should you consider NFT business models? Which NFT business models no longer work and which of them do?
Curated the: December 12, 2022
Are you a social media marketer or manager? Here are 10 free tools that will help you manage your content, gain audience insight, and boost your engagement on Facebook and Instagram.
Curated the: December 5, 2022
Everybody writes. From email marketing and social media posts to the script of video content, marketers write more than they think they do. However, not everyone does so with ease or confidence.
Curated the: November 28, 2022
Nowadays there are more marketing conferences than ever. Are you planning on attending one soon or sometime in the future? Here’s what to keep in mind and where you should spend your focus and energy.

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