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Curated the: February 14, 2022

YouTube to double down on Shorts in 2022

The roadmap of the #1 video platform for this year includes new features to its Shorts format, YouTube’s answer to TikTok and Instagram’s Reels. It’s also exploring new monetization options for this format.
Curated the: January 31, 2022

WordPress Releases version 5.9: Joséphine

The most popular CMS platform announced its new release, WordPress 5.9. This version introduces themes editing without using code, new blocks for site editing, and a new default theme, among others.
Curated the: November 15, 2021

Instagram Adds Text-To-Speech to Reels Experience

Last week, Instagram added new text-to-speech features and Voice Effects for its users. Now, users will be able to auto-generate voice-read text from the post to provide an audio narration to the post.
Curated the: May 31, 2021

Will Marketing and Sales Finally Align Around RevOps and Agile Go-to-Market Strategies?

Who owns the whole customer journey? Does marketing own it? Or is it Revenue Operations (RevOps) that should have the upper hand? Here’s everything to know about the coexistence and alignment of these two.

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