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Curated the: April 12, 2021
A (publicly available) data leak of Clubhouse member information has been reported. The data leak does not consist of passwords and other sensitive information. Most likely, it’s an automated download of public information.
Curated the: April 5, 2021
Marketers around the world have a bit less than 3 months to adapt to alternatives for Facebook Analytics, after the biggest social media platform announced that it will shutter this particular function.
Curated the: March 29, 2021
Two vulnerabilities were patched regarding the popular plugin. The exploits could allow a malicious attacker to install backdoors, create administrator level accounts and stage a complete site takeover.
Curated the: March 12, 2021
Google, Facebook, and other big tech companies may have to negotiate deals with US news publishers to pay them for content if the new bill passes. If it does, this means good news for a lot of US publishers.
Curated the: March 8, 2021
If you are like most businesses, you want to be on good terms with Google. And the way to do that is by following Google’s webmaster guidelines. Here’s everything you need to know about them.
Curated the: February 22, 2021
John Muller, the webmaster trends analyst at Google talks backlinks and SEO. What are natural links, how does Google identify natural links, and what’s the right mindset for spotting opportunities?
Curated the: February 15, 2021
Google Images is not the image search engine there is. If you are looking for high-resolution images, from paid stock photos to images in the public domain you may find them in one of these 11 search engines.
Curated the: February 1, 2021
In the Search Optimization World, nothing is for granted. However, with this 10-step process, you can identify why your organic search rankings have dropped and exactly what you need to do about it.
Curated the: January 18, 2021
LinkedIn data reveals the top 15 in-demand jobs in 2021 and the most important skills needed for each position. In the list, you will find anything from data science specialists to nurses.
Curated the: December 7, 2020
Can Python and SEO go hand in hand? Python lets you automate repetitive tasks that otherwise would steal much of your valuable time and enables you to work with large data sheets.
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