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Curated the: December 6, 2021
Search Engine Journal presents 10 content marketing trends that drive increased investment and activity. For each one, you’ll find tips and takeaways to help you capitalize on them for marketing success in 2022.
Curated the: November 29, 2021
The metaverse can be described as the intersection of our digital and physical realities. The Metaverse is rife with opportunities for AR/VR and NFT-savvy brands and marketers. Here’s what you need to know.
Curated the: November 22, 2021
When it comes to SEO, quality should certainly precede quantity. However, for most blogs and for most cases, there is a sweet spot at which content has better chances to rank at the SERPs.
Curated the: November 15, 2021
SeoClarity published the biggest Google Research study regarding CTR yet. With 750 billion impressions and over 30 billion clicks, the analysis uncovers some surprising insights for the biggest search engine.
Curated the: November 8, 2021
Google's John Mueller says fixing technical issues and disavowing random spam links won't fix core update-related ranking problems. Here’s what you should focus on instead.
Curated the: October 18, 2021
Search Engine Journal’s ‘State of SEO Report’ offers insight from 2,830 SEO professionals across the globe. This time, SEJ examined how SEO professionals allocate their budgets and time across digital marketing and SEO.
Curated the: October 11, 2021
It’s no secret that Google can recognize the prices of products on sales pages. But do the prices of products have any impact on how ecommerce stores are ranked in search results? John Mueller explains.
Curated the: October 4, 2021
From setting up a Reddit ads account to planning your ad campaign and running the ad, here’s everything you need to know about advertising successfully on the biggest forum on the internet.
Curated the: September 27, 2021
WordPress Ninja Forms vulnerability can lead to a full site takeover and phishing scams. Security researchers and Wordfence recommend that users of the WordPress Ninja Forms plugin update their plugin immediately.
Curated the: September 20, 2021
Keeping up with Google ranking factors has never been more challenging. Google is updating its algorithm at unprecedented rates. On top of that, some common SEO myths still persist.
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