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Curated the: September 20, 2021
Keeping up with Google ranking factors has never been more challenging. Google is updating its algorithm at unprecedented rates. On top of that, some common SEO myths still persist.
Curated the: September 13, 2021
In an effort to help professionals adapt to the future of work, LinkedIn is offering over 35 learning courses free for a limited time. The courses mostly concern job seekers, managers, and HR professionals.
Curated the: September 6, 2021
Since Google's Algorithm Speed Update, page speed is a direct ranking factor. And, since forever, page speed also affects your revenue. Creating a super-fast (WordPress) website should be everyone’s top priority.
Curated the: August 30, 2021
The Link Spam update was completed on the 24th of August. Google seems to be more vocal than ever regarding communicating updates and offering additional advice to marketers.
Curated the: August 16, 2021
Has your YouTube channel experienced a decline in watch time? Through YouTube’s Creator Insider channel, the video platform goes over the steps you can take to understand why your channel’s watch time is decreasing.
Curated the: August 9, 2021
Google’s John Mueller stated that reviews aren’t a factor for web search, but they’re not totally irrelevant in terms of gaining visibility in Google. Here’s John’s full reply.
Curated the: August 2, 2021
When it comes to CSM market share, WordPress is by far the most popular platform. WordPress is dominating the market, owning 44.26% of the CMS market share. Read everything here.
Curated the: July 5, 2021
A lot of Facebook Ads, you didn’t even notice. Some Facebook Ads though are what we call scroll stoppers. So, what makes for a good Facebook Ad Creative and how can you grab others’ attention in a single second?
Curated the: June 28, 2021
In the last years, SEO has evolved but hasn’t changed fundamentally. From internal linking to competition research, take a look at some essential SEO tips for more traffic and growth.
Curated the: June 14, 2021
John Muller, Google’s webmaster trend analyst shared his thoughts and opinion on SEO’s holy grail - link building. Mueller outlined Google’s passive and proactive actions against certain links and offered legitimate alternatives.
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