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Curated the: March 27, 2023
It looks like the next phase of ChatGPT has arrived. Plugins for ChatGPT will unlock a wide range of use cases, further enhancing its powers. OpenAI is also open-sourcing the code for a knowledge base retrieval plugin.
Curated the: March 13, 2023
A customer journey map is a visual representation of all the touch points between your customer and your brand. It’s all about streamlining the buyer’s journey and increasing your conversion rate optimization.
Curated the: March 6, 2023
Most faces of SEO are on the technical side of digital marketing. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are many different SEO tools for a number of different SEO activities.
Curated the: February 20, 2023
Very recently, Google updated its guidance on best practices for links. What happens when the anchor text is missing? And how can you make context and natural language work in your favor?
Curated the: February 13, 2023
TikTok is rolling out new targeting and boosting features. Now, among other things, content creators will be able to turn their existing TikTok videos into ads with only a few taps.
Curated the: February 6, 2023
On Friday, Elon Musk announced that “Starting today, Twitter will share ad revenue with creators for ads that appear in their reply threads”. To be eligible, the account must be a subscriber to Twitter Blue Verified.
Curated the: January 30, 2023
Copyright laws cannot keep up with the current changes coming from technology, including intellectual property laws that stand by awkwardly at the sight of content crawling made by entities like ChatGPT.
Curated the: January 23, 2023
Link building is not only a confirmed Google ranking factor but it’s also one of the most important ones. However, quality link building takes time. These 12 link-building tools will help you save some.
Curated the: January 16, 2023
ChatGPT, the smartest chatbot that the internet has seen so far, is here. Given its impressive capabilities, how can it possibly affect jobs like writers, programmers, SEO specialists, and sales professionals?

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