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Curated the: September 19, 2022

Stop Using 'Digital Transformation' to Describe Your Business

Buzzwords come and go but ‚Äėdigital transformation‚Äô seems to persist. It‚Äôs very possible that this buzzword also stands in the way of communicating a clear message, hiding your business's biggest asset.
Curated the: October 25, 2021

3 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Netflix's 'Squid Game

The success of this viral South Korean survival drama has many valuable marketing lessons any brand can use to increase revenue, proving that there is no one-size-fits-all marketing technique.
Curated the: July 19, 2021

5 Tips to Significantly Increase the ROI of Your Next Email Campaign

Email marketing is not dead - quite the contrary. Email marketing is one of the highest ROI channels with a lot of potential. It’s also highly measurable, scalable, and very affordable for every kind of business.
Curated the: April 24, 2020

Zoom's Security Pile-on Caused a Lawsuit - Are Microsoft, Cisco and Others Next?

Zoom is one of the few winners of our current pandemic crisis with its popularity rising 20-fold in a month. However, said popularity also brought a lot more cyberattacks, which can affect some of the rest tech giants, too.

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