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Curated the: June 7, 2021
A conversion funnel is all about increasing your lead generation, conversion rates, and profits. Here’s how you can build a well-defined, optimized funnel to capture leads, nurture them, and get them to convert.
Curated the: May 24, 2021
No matter how well-made a landing page is, it’s pretty useless if no one is visiting it. Naturally, you need some traffic. Here’s a guide with the best channels and ways to bring traffic and put your content to work.
Curated the: May 17, 2021
Unbounce, the popular landing page platform, explains why it’s a good idea to create a customer journey map, and how to create one fast. You will also find a template to put your plan into action soon as possible.
Curated the: March 8, 2021
A landing page is not only a great way to drive traffic but it also improves your SEO and can help you build your brand along the way. Hopefully, these 7 landing page ideas -and 14 examples- will inspire you.
Curated the: November 30, 2020
A clear unique selling proposition (USP), an engaging hero shot, a few compelling benefits, some inspirational social proof and a strong call to action (CTA) are what make a landing page a converting asset. Learn all the details here!
Curated the: November 16, 2020
When Amazon owns almost 50% of the eCommerce market share in the US, what room is left for marketers in the eCommerce industry? According to Unbounce, Amazon has three weaknesses your brand can capitalize on.
Curated the: June 22, 2020
The SaaS market today is stronger than ever. Small and medium SaaS businesses alike are looking for ways to grow. Partner programs seem to be a good option that can help these businesses expand.
Curated the: June 8, 2020
Let’s say that the conversion rate on your landing page is 5%. Is this good or bad? As with every metric in this digital life - it depends. Unbounce, the leading landing page platform, sheds some light on the issue
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