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Curated the: March 13, 2023
According to the Federal Reserve, after Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, its depositors will be “fully protected”. No matter if they are insured or not, all depositors will have access to all of their money starting Monday, March 13.
Curated the: February 20, 2023
More and more countries around the world want to explore the possibility of a digital currency, with Japan looking to be an early adopter. The Bank of Japan announced a launch pilot for a “digital yen” starting in April.
Curated the: February 13, 2023
“ChatGPT cannot give you real-time data or fact verification. In our upcoming upgrades, Neeva can.”, says Sridhar Ramaswamy, Neeva’s co-founder and CEO just a week after Microsoft’s introduction of ChatGPT Bing.
Curated the: January 23, 2023
On Thursday, Meta announced it’s further centralizing various user settings across its suite of apps, to provide a better experience. These changes are going to affect all Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.
Curated the: December 12, 2022
Elon Musk, Twitter’s new owner, has started promoting the notorious “Twitter Files”: selected internal communications from the company that Musk believe the public deserves to know about.
Curated the: November 21, 2022
Following the 6th of January 2021 capitol attack, Twitter banned then-US president D. Trump from the platform. On Friday, new Twitter owner E. Musk posted a poll asking whether the ban should be lifted. And it did.
Curated the: November 7, 2022

After Laying off Half of Its Staff, Twitter Might Be Asking Some Employees to Come Back

After last week’s mass layoff of about 3,700 people, Twitter is now asking some of these employees to come back. According to sources, some of them were laid off by mistake while others had critical roles.
Curated the: October 24, 2022

YouTube Premium's Family Plan Gets a Price Hike in Several Countries

Inflation is indeed everywhere. And it looks like that YoutTube Premium is no exception. Starting November the 21st, Premium subscription plans will significantly increase across many countries across the globe.
Curated the: September 26, 2022

Instagram Stories Under 60 Seconds Are No Longer Broken up Into Clips

“Now, you’ll be able to play and create Stories continuously for up to 60 seconds, instead of being automatically cut into 15-second clips.”, a Meta spokesperson told TechCrunch through an email discussion.

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