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Add your message, create a secret link and share it with your confidant. That’s it. Scrt.link does the magic in between.


Multiply your sales by expanding your potential customer base and never suffer from a lack of leads again. eMiner is a Google Chrome extension that automates the process of searching and capturing leads through search engines to find people’s contacts. EMiner takes care of elaborating sophisticated searches through search engines to find, capture, validate and […]


WebScrapingAPI collects the HTML from any web page using a simple API and provides ready-to-process data to everyone in your company. WebScrapingAPI manages in the backend all possible blocking points such as proxies, Javascript rendering, IP rotations, CAPTCHAs, and many more. The tool’s advanced features allow you to customize your requests based on your specific […]


Book more meetings, build more trust, convert more sales, and build stronger relationships using Potion. Generate truly personalized videos with your own face in minutes for your email campaigns, demos, and sales pitches. Auto-generate personalized videos in bulk, increase reply rates to cold emails, and improve your demo scheduling rate.


Utas is the all-in-one platform to boost your sales on social media. Utas is the only link for sales professionals to use in a social media bio. It combines all the sales tools that you need to convert your audiences. Put the link on all of your social media platforms and connect it to your […]


Chatbots don’t have to suck. Hyro is an Adaptive Communications Platform that automates interactions on any channel. Hyro is turing complex data into simple dialogue with natural language automation and computational linguistics. Enterprises across the U.S., including Carroll, Mercy Health, and Weill Cornell Medicine, trust Hyro to replace their rigid, intent-based chatbots and IVR systems […]


Your prospects are inundated with emails & messages. To stand out and get your message across, you need to make sure your message doesn’t look like 100’s of others. VideoForm is designed to help you replicate your face-to-face approach for remote sales. Record & share videos in emails without jumping any hoops.


Procurimo will organize the entire purchasing process within your organization – enabling an easy workflow of purchase requisitions from various departments. Insight into real and global purchasing needs will help you avoid wrong decisions in choosing a supplier and increase your negotiation power.


Whether you’re an agency managing clients or a freelancer juggling projects, Orangescrum is the all-in-one solution for project management. With resource management, Gantt charts, and more, Orangescrum will help you increase your productivity by leaps and bounds. Simplify your life with one system for managing tasks, projects, and resources. With Orangescrum, you’ll never have to […]

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