Collect the HTML from any web page using a simple API.


WebScrapingAPI collects the HTML from any web page using a simple API and provides ready-to-process data to everyone in your company.

WebScrapingAPI manages in the backend all possible blocking points such as proxies, Javascript rendering, IP rotations, CAPTCHAs, and many more.

The tool’s advanced features allow you to customize your requests based on your specific needs, play with: headers, IP geolocation, sticky sessions, and much more.


Unlimited bandwidth: Don't waste time with expensive proxy providers. We offer unlimited bandwidth and change only for successful requests.

Scraping know-how: At WebscrapingAPI support, scraping knowledge is not an afterthought. It’s our number one priority. Our team speaks scraping fluently and has experience in troubleshooting.

Top reaction time: Our uptime checks allow us to react to issues before they affect our API performance. It allows us to be proactive in our support efforts.


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