Data is information about something that can be calculated, reasoned about, or planned.
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Lebesgue helps e-commerce stores make smarter marketing decisions and boost ROI by analyzing all their core metrics and providing actionable insights
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Market Brew is a leading provider of AI SEO software that uses advanced search engine models to provide users with a unique insight into what search engines see
LAST UPDATE: is an AI-powered analytics platform for Instagram and Tiktok. It provides deep insights into user behavior, audience demographics, content performance and more..
Wope is an AI SEO tool that fetches real-time insights into what’s working and what’s not to boost your online visibility
NeuronWriter is an AI-powered SEO writing and content optimization tool. It's designed to help you write and optimize your website content fast so that you stand a better chance of ranking on search engines like Google
Flowpoint is a SaaS platform that helps business owners or marketing professionals optimize website conversion rates, drive engagement, and retention through AI-powered web analytics
LAST UPDATE: is an advanced chatbot builder that leverages GPT3-based conversational AI technology
Neurons offers neuroscience solutions for every business need. Predict customer responses and achieve your business goals with accessible, affordable and validated neuroscience solutions
LAST UPDATE: is an AI newsletter tool that keeps your customers coming back for more with the content you send them. It's the world’s only truly personalized email newsletter

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