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Supercharge your Support Operations with AI TheLoops Intelligent Support Operations platform provides visibility, insights and automations across your support stack


TheLoops is an AI-driven platform that transforms customer support operations for enterprises. The platform unifies data from multiple sources, providing a 360-degree view of customers, and automates ticket classification and routing. TheLoops provides agent quality monitoring, voice of customer analysis, real-time troubleshooting & more


  • See beyond your support stack: TheLoops integrates product signals and customer data so you can understand what's happening outside your support tools without a data scientist
  • Know your leading indicators: TheLoops Impact Analysis scores every customer interaction based on revenue at risk, sentiment, and product usage so you can make real-time decisions that drive business outcomes
  • Get ahead of escalations: TheLoops Escalation Prediction identifies at-risk tickets before they escalate, enabling your team to deliver proactive support and protect revenue
  • Build your support workflows: TheLoops low-code platform lets you configure processes and automate resolutions without the need for an engineer
  • Upskill your agents: TheLoops Agent Assist & Monitoring delivers insights and context alongside tickets for agents, and detailed agent performance reports and conversation views for managers


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