AI-powered content creation and social media management web service.


Contenive employs the whole social media management cycle, revealing not just effective content production, but also competitive field analysis, contextual network planning, placement, and analysis of outcomes.

Contenive is a proprietary solution that combines artificial and live intelligence to guarantee the high-quality generation (of visual and textual material) as well as instant posting with little client input.


- Facebook: Delegate content creation for your Facebook Business Page to the team of creative experts supported by AI-powered software.

- Instagram: The team of dedicated creatives enabled by AI-powered algorithms will undertake the whole cycle of managing your Instagram Business Profile. No more unaided content creation and manual posting resulting in massive content gaps. Get your business profile updated with the minimum efforts of yours.

- LinkedIn: CONTENIVE’s experts with AI-powered tools underhand will craft customized content for your LinkedIn Company Page so you can establish meaningful interactions with your potential customers as well as build your HR brand.

- Twitter: Use features like tweet location, discoverability feature, profile search feature, cover image, Twitter list, pinned tweets.

- Google Business Profile: It is essential for businesses aiming at outperforming their competition. Consistent posting to Google Business profile is one of the key factors of attracting potential customers' attention to any business.


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