Google Tag Manager For Wordpress
The easiest way to capture GTM Data Layer variables in your wordpress site


This plugin can place the necessary container code snippet into your website so that you do not need to.
Google Tag Manager for WordPress offers several so called Data Layer variables so that you can easily manage several use cases with you tags.


  • Standard post/page data -Use standard post/page attributes as dataLayer variables
  • WooCommerce - Add Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce or Classic Ecommerce data to the dataLayer to implement measurement in Google Tag Manager easily.
  • Track media players - Track usage of popular embedded media players: YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud
  • Capture Browser / OS / Device data
    • browser data (name, version, engine)
    • OS data (name, version)
    • device data (type, manufacturer, model)
  • Weather data - Fire tags in your Google Tag Manager container based on the weather conditions around your visitor


It's a free tool so don't search for pricing...

Media / Screenshots

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