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Lately's AI learns any brand or individual voice and the exact content that will convert your target audience, delivering higher social media performance for sales and marketing teams across the globe


Lately is an AI-powered content repurposing engine and a social media management, employee advocacy and sales enablement syndication platform. Pinpoints the ideas, words and phrases that will get any target audience to click, like or share. Learns the unique voice of any brand or individual and transfers the style of that voice into social posts. Splices up longform text, audio or video content into dozens of high-performing social posts – which include audiograms and video clips – based on your unique writing model


  • AI Content Writer: Automatically writes and pre-tests content for your social media programs
  • Social Analytics: Informs your content strategy and make your content more engaging with content analytics
  • Social Media Marketing: Everything you need to scale your social media marketing program
  • Social Selling: Extend your social content across executives, sales, employees, franchises, and more
  • Video Autogenerator: Turn your company videos into bite-sized social media video clips and social media posts


Starts from $99 per month. Details here

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