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Sales Improvement using AI Assistant | Virtual Sales Assistant


7Targets AI Sales Assistant helps to bring efficiency to your sales process. A human-like Assistant appears as a user in your CRM and works 24X7 to engage and nurture the leads assigned.

7Targets – AI assistants significantly reduce follow-up efforts by auto-generating human-like follow-up messages and auto-scheduling them.


- PRE-EVENT Registrations: Build interest and drive leads to your presence in the Booth in conferences, Trade shows, Webinar, Demos, etc

- ACTIVATE Old Contacts: Initiate communication with a prospect who has not been responding for a long time but showed some interest.

- REVIVE Old Customers: Customers lost in the last few months to a year can be nurtured to get a meeting and a demo.

- POST EVENT Engagement: Connect with the leads from an event to provide the details and get a qualified lead.

- NURTURE Unresponsive Leads: Refresh and stay on top of the mind with prospects who showed interest recently. But got dropped.

- REVIVE Old Customers: Customers lost in the last few months to a year can be nurtured to get a meeting and a demo.

- ACCELERATE Sales Cycle: Leads going cold after meetings and demo, possibly after proposal submission too. Can be followed up for further process to try and WIN.





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