The fully automated product image editing platform.


An AI-powered platform for bulk-editing product images online.

AutoRetouch is expanding the possibilities within digital image editing. Boost your online business by creating beautiful product images in seconds with our suite of AI-powered editing tools.


- Ghost mannequin: Showcase your apparel realistically and sell more products with three-dimensional imagery.-

- Remove Background: Automatically remove the background from your images one by one or in bulk.-

- Skin retouch: Remove blemishes and achieve beautiful and natural skin on all skin types. No tools, plugins, or photoshop skills required.-

- Export PSD file: Export all of your edits as layers in a PSD file. Include auto-generated masks and vector paths to easily continue editing.-

- Adjust padding & Alignment: Define the padding by pixel and align the object to match your style.

- Resize images: Reuse your fashion and product imagery or adjust for new size requirements with ease.

- Add a custom Background: Meet marketplace standards with pure white or add custom color, graphic, or image to build your brand with imagery.

- Trim to content: Crops the image to the main object to ensure your product is the main focus of every image.

- Generate Skin vector paths: Streamline advanced retouching techniques with high quality, automatically generated clipping paths around the skin of your model.

- Add ground shadow: Adds depth and dimension to your product images by inserting an automated drop shadow under the feet.

- Export vector paths: Extracts the subject from your imagery with automatically generated clipping paths.

- Extract a fabric swatch: Extracts a representative selection of the main fabric in the image.

- Crop models' faces: Removes everything above the lip from images featuring a model’s full face.


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