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The #1 Real-Time Guidance Platform for Contact Centers powered by AI. Help agents say the right thing on every call


Unite agents with industry-leading AI for behavior change that delivers happier customers, increased revenue, and perfect conversations on every call


  • Real-Time Coaching: Drive immediate agent improvement and excellent call outcomes by bringing 1:1 coaching live on the call. Balto listens for key moments on calls and alerts managers for coaching and intervention opportunities

  • Real-Time QA: Enough with the spreadsheets, clunky software and hours spent on QA. Real-Time QA delivers 100% call coverage and automated scoring at the push of a button. Feed QA insights right back to your agents with Real-Time Guidance and Real-Time Coaching

  • Real-Time Notetaker: Real-Time Notetaker automatically summarizes 100% of your calls, so your agents don’t have to. Automate time-consuming after-call work and generate notes with a single click, all seamlessly integrated into the Real-Time platform

  • Keep Your Data Safe: Balto treat every conversation with exceptional care. Balto's state-of-art security infrastructure and protocols ensure the privacy of all customer data


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