Benchmark App
Business dashboard for founders and creators.


Benchmark App gives you insights and clarity from your data so you know exactly what to do next to get the results you want.

Want to increase your revenue? Get more sales, clients, or projects? Reach more people through marketing and advertising? Benchmark can help you.

It’s not just fancy reports and charts. Benchmark generates insights that help you see what’s really going on in your business so that you can remove the constraints that are holding you back from contributing as much as you want through your business.


-  Track Daily Average Income
- See Your Profit Margin Grow Over Time
- Understand How Much Your Business Needs To Make To Be Profitable

- Track Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value
- Quickly See The Constraint That's Preventing More Sales Conversions
- See The Results Of Your Actions Over Time

- See Your Marketing Efforts Week Over Week
- Track Your Content And Email Marketing
- Identify The Areas That Need More Focus

- Track The Most Important Metrics
- See Exactly What Is And Isn't Working
- Spend More Effectively To Increase Your Return On Spend


$15/ month

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