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MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that automatically video records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides key insights from every meeting


MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that provides a smarter way to manage and analyze your meetings. It records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides insights, freeing up your calendar and allowing you to focus on meaningful conversations. With advanced features and simple usability, MeetGeek can help you uncover blind spots, capture essential information, keep your team in sync, and measure your meeting engagement


  • Let AI Handle Meeting Recaps For You: Automatically transform lengthy meeting recordings that no one actually re-watches into a brief summary of key topics
  • Capture & Share Meeting Insights: Your business relies on the information discussed during calls, such as sales quotes, customer feedback, tasks, and agreements. With just one click, create highlights from longer meetings and make these meeting insights easily accessible and shareable with your team
  • Find Any Information From Your Past Meetings: Store all your Zoom, Teams, and Google meeting notes in a single, searchable, secure location. You can also enrich your library by adding uploaded audio files and generating auto-transcripts. With an easy keyword search, go back in time and recall any detail from your past meeting transcripts
  • Share Meeting Takeaways Across Your Company: Make it easy for your colleagues to stay in sync without having too many alignment meetings. With MeetGeek, you can create teams and automatically share meeting recordings, summaries, or highlights with the departments you need to stay aligned with. Or share meeting notes with your favorite apps, such as Notion, Trello, and Slack, and create a collaborative workspace there
  • Measure and Uncover Your Meetings’ Weak Points: Identify strengths and improvement opportunities for yourself and your team's meetings. Drill down through teams, meeting types, participants, and many more dimensions. Measure meeting engagement, efficiency, or burnout and use top-class tips to improve over time


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MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that automatically video records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides key insights from every meeting
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