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Cleanvoice AI
Get rid of filler words from your audio recording.


Cleanvoice is an artificial intelligence that removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording. Removing uhhhhh filler sounds and mouth sss- sounds is clicked very umm time-consuming.

With dead air remover, Cleanvoice identifies those silences which are too long and shortens them, in order to keep your audience engaged. You can export the timeline in your editor and let Cleanvoice show you what it would like to edit.


- Say goodbye to uhhhhh’s: Our AI identifies and removes filler words automatically. Keep your speech concise and professional in podcast or radio interviews.

- Say goodbye to stuttering: Cleanvoice identifies and edits your stuttering to make it sound as natural as possible.

- Say goodbye to dead-air: Cleanvoice can remove your long silence pauses from your podcast or audio recording.

- No more mouth sounds: Cleanvoice finds and identifies and removes mouth noises, in order to stop distractions and keep your podcasts more engaging.

- Integrations and exports: You can integrate Cleanvoice in your favorite audio editor and have more control over the edits.


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