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Unleash your creativity with Diagram's AI-powered design tools. Magical new ways to design products


Diagram is a platform that powers UI design through generative AI. It offers tools to improve the creative lives of designers at companies


  • Design with AI magic: Unlock your creativity and bring ideas to life with AI-powered design utilities
  • Generate SVG icons for anything: Magic Icon generates infinitely scalable SVG icons to use anywhere in your design
  • Conjure up creativity: Magician demystifies the creative process by magically turning your ideas into assets
  • Generate magical visuals for your designs: With Magic Image, you can quickly generate images in Figma while you design
  • Wave goodbye to Lorem Ipsum: Magic Copy writes, edits, and rewrites Figma text layers so you can design with real copy
  • Transforms your ideas into designs: Genius creates fully-editable UI designs with just a simple product description
  • Auto-suggests as you design: Improve your workflow and design more efficiently with AI-powered in-line suggestions
  • Iterates on designs to unlock new possibilities: Genius iterates on your designs you to explore new design directions during your process
  • Automate the busy work away: Automator turns hours of long, tedious busy work into a single click
  • Sync automations with your entire team: With Automator for Teams, automations sync to the cloud so everyone gets a speed boost
  • Build powerful automations without code: Build any automation with drag-and-drop ease


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