Prevent spammers and phishing sites from sending emails via domains.


DMARC is more than just email security. It’s also about email deliverability. Stopping email spoofing effectively increases user engagement, which in turn improves your domain sender score.

A high domain sender score improves your email deliverability and your business emails are more likely to reach the inboxes of your clients.


- Seamless transition: Start your domain from the monitoring mode, transition to the quarantine mode, then to the final reject mode, with DMARCLY's streamlined process.

Monitor email deliverability: Knowing that your legitimate emails land in the inbox while others don't bring marketers ease of mind.

Safe SPF: SPF allows up to 10 DNS queries upon validation.

- Private mailboxes for DMARC reports: Upon signup with DMARCLY, 2 private mailboxes are created for you. One for aggregate reports, and the other for forensic reports.

- XML parsing: DMARCLY extracts data from incoming DMARC reports, and turns them into intelligible charts autonomously, all in the background.

- Easy-to-use dashboard: A carefully designed dashboard makes your DMARC implementation super easy.

- Powerful analytics: View DMARC aggregate data from various dimensions including domain, source, organization, result, country, etc.

- ARC support: DMARCLY renders Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) results when the final disposition is overridden by the local policy.

- MTA-STS/TLS Reporting: Implement MTA-STS/TLS reporting to identify and fix email security issues.

- Adaptive Blacklist Monitoring: Monitor the reputation of IP addresses from which your outbound emails are actually sent.

- 2-Factor Authentication: 2-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security to your DMARCLY account.

Automated processes: DMARCLY automatically shows unidentified email senders in actions, so that you can categorize them into legitimate and illegitimate senders.


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