A LinkedIn prospect outreach automation platform.


Linqer is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation software designed to help founders, agencies, recruiters, or business people automate and improve their LinkedIn prospecting and close more deals — all on complete autopilot.

Linqer’s tool automates your manual Linkedin outreach work by connecting, profile viewing, messaging, endorsing, replying, reminding, linking posts, and finding relevant profiles to reach out to.


- Outreach sequences: Build a completely automated sales funnel using a variety of LinkedIn actions, then set time delays, choose smart conditions, and boost LinkedIn lead generation with Linqer.

- Smart inbox: Manage your LinkedIn conversations with leads directly from your Linqer dashboard with our advanced real-time LinkedIn messenger. All in just one dashboard.

- Campaign analytics: Evaluate your overall LinkedIn performance by viewing detailed LinkedIn stats and metrics including LinkedIn engagement rate, profile usage statistics, campaign activity.


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