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Build sales outreach cadences with email, phone, and social in as little as 5 minutes with Mailshake's sales engagement & automation software.


Build sales outreach cadences with email, phone, and social in as little as 5 minutes with Mailshake’s sales engagement & automation software.


  • Automate your email outreach: Prospecting outreach in minutes, not days. Insert text and links personalized to each recipient. Maximize deliverability. Improve response rates. Build your first sequence in minutes with proven email templates.
  • Gain visibility into all lead activity: Monitor opens, clicks, and replies for every email you send. See which part of your sequence is converting with Mailshake Lead Drivers. Improve your performance over time by A/B testing emails, follow-ups, or whole campaigns.
  • Easily track lead status: Manage leads without leaving Mailshake: mark leads as won or lost, and reply to leads with Mailshake Lead Catcher. Get a birds eye view of a prospect and see every email, social message, and phone call they've received across multiple campaigns. Automatically push all lead data to your CRM with native and 3rd party integrations.
  • Power through cold calls: Improve connect rates by selecting a number with the area code of your choice. Track and improve campaigns with call recording and notes within the call window.
  • Be everywhere your prospects are: Increase response rates by incorporating LinkedIn and social media into your outreach sequences. Add tasks to your sequence to remind yourself to perform offline prospecting activities. Automatically add recipients to a sequence from your CRM or other apps with native and 3rd party integrations.


  •  Engagement starts from $58 per month. Details here
  •  Data Finder starts from $0. Details here


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