Resource management software.


Mosaic is an AI-powered, web-based resource scheduling software that’s guaranteed to boost profitability and productivity.

It integrates with most project and financial management software, automatically gathering data to show who is working on what, and when. Teams can then accurately bill and forecast, effectively manage capacity, and strategically plan workloads. Mosaic rescues teams from clunky spreadsheets, offering a new, full level of business visibility.


- AI, Automation, and Forecasting: Harness the power of AI and automation to plan faster and smarter—and make workload predictable.

- Resource Management: Use Mosaic’s real-time reporting and customizable dashboards to visualize your workforce data and enable data-driven decisions.

- Dashboards & Reporting: Centralize your people and project data in a single system to strengthen strategy, hiring, and retention.

- Budget & Time Tracking: Monitor time and control budgets in real-time, so you can get projects back on track before it's too late.

- Project Management: Deliver every project on time and on budget with Mosaic’s powerful project management tools.

- AI, Automation, and Forecasting: Harness the power of AI and automation to plan faster and smarter—and make workload predictable.

- Integrations: Stop spending hours manually updating spreadsheets and performing repetitive tasks. Mosaic integrates with your current software to unlock a new level of workforce efficiency.


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