Peech is generative AI video expert that professionally edits, transcribes, and brands your team's video content - all in one place


With Peech, any marketing team can create more and better videos, as part of an overhaul marketing strategy. Peech transcribes, brands, edits, translates and optimizes your videos at scale so you get the most from your video content and improve your marketing results


  • Manage your content in a smart library
  • Easily edit video content just like a doc
  • Auto-generate subtitles with highlight keywords
  • Calibrate the automatic editing to fit your brand
  • Professional visual elements to empower content
  • Calibrate the automatic editing to fit marketing goals
  • Auto-generate visual elements to empower messages
  • Embed music to deliver the content message
  • Inspiration, trends and benchmark in an explorer portal
  • Localize content to different audiences
  • Fit aspect ratio to different social media channels
  • Summarize the content to catch the audience eye
  • Translate videos to different languages
  • Generate versions for A/B testing


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