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From marketing and customer experience to sales and risk management, Persado's motivation AI propels cross-functional teams


Persado AI and machine learning technology is trained on more than 100 billion digital language impressions across industries, enabling marketers to generate powerful, on-brand content and communications that motivate customers and drive significant value. Persado uses generative AI, machine learning, natural language generation, and experimental design to deliver a 41% average lift in conversion across customer engagement channels—helping top brands achieve more than $1.5B in incremental revenue


  • Accelerate growth and personalize language at scale with Motivation AI: Persado is the only platform that can generate on-brand, a personalized language so you can achieve the growth the organization needs. Language personalization uncovers what individually resonates with every customer, to motivate and inspire action across every touchpoint in a customer journey
  • Maximize performance with minimal effort: Predictive language is designed to maximize performance based on millions of data points with few variants placed in-market. This approach enables marketers to take advantage of machine learning to bring Persado content to market faster. The result of this is a fast and easy way to use Generative AI content and still achieve a performance uplift
  • Understand which words, emotions, and narratives motivate your audiences: With aggregate, predictive, and experiment-level reports, you can see key metrics like opens, clicks, impressions, response rate, incremental revenue, or cost savings. Enriched reports reveal the top-performing words and phrases that empower your teams to make data-driven decisions. Keep a finger on the pulse of your marketing efforts with aggregate performance and campaign consumption reporting


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