Pulse For Good
Client satisfaction tracking for vulnerable populations.


Continuously collect onsite client feedback with simple kiosks and review the data through a data dashboard, helping you dedicate more resources to what you do best.

Pulse For Good is helping make social service providers more effective by providing an efficient way to gather data from the populations they serve.


- Physical kiosks installed in your facility: We ship you a physical kiosk that is mounted within your building, providing your clients a quick, consistent way to leave feedback. No more dedicating resources to interviews, paper surveys, and spreadsheets.

- Online surveys available as well: Want to reach even more people, no problem. The Pulse survey can be sent out digitally, allowing you to reach clients through email and outreach groups.

- Use the data dashboard to see trends: Each survey is automatically consolidated into a data dashboard, which lets you filter and splice the data any way you see fit. You can see trends and anomalies in real-time, allowing you to react and respond in a timely manner.

- Share your data: Sharing your data is as simple as clicking a button. You can print, download, and send, helping you get the data to who needs to see it quickly.

- Weekly Emails to key stakeholders: Every user with a login to your Pulse dashboard will receive a weekly summary of the week's previous activities. This includes the number of responses, the rankings, increase or decrease from the previous week, and a sampling of free-text responses. This provides an easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

- Dashboard access control: You have complete control over who has access to your data dashboard. You can invite as many new users as you want, giving them access to see, filter, and export the data themselves.

- Aggregated view: Pulse is designed to be installed in single locations and multiple locations within a single organization. If you have multiple Pulse kiosks you will be able to see scores and data for all your kiosks from a single page.


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