Your team's workspace that records & transcribes meetings automatically.


Virtual HQ for your team that works in multiple time zones. All meetings recorded, voice and video notes exchanged and screen recordings shared. Play it Back!

Stork is a voice and video messenger with a powerful screen recording for asynchronous presentations. Fewer meetings & no more missed meetings.


- Stork Record Meetings:  See and hear the team conversing in real-time or playback the recording later. Join a live meeting or read the transcription later. All conversations and meetings are recorded automatically.
- Play it back in Stork:  You have access to all media records where you participated personally as well as all media records that were part of a public conversation (within your team) and you don't need to be a host nor an admin to have access.
- Watercoolers: When two or more people are talking publicly in Stork - any other team member can join the conversation Clubhouse style creating a serendipitous experience and encouraging spontaneous conversations.
- Channels:  Channels can be set up for any topic or department. Channels are dedicated spaces within a team where the actual work gets done. In addition to text conversations, one can participate in voice and video calls within a channel.


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