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Superhuman AI
Superhuman AI - AI email that sounds like you. Write entire messages effortlessly. Just jot down some phrases, and it'll turn them into a full email


Superhuman AI designed to boost your productivity and efficiency to an unprecedented level. This advanced toolset addresses various pain points of email communication and aims to make writing faster and more effortless than ever before


  • Turn An Idea Into An Email: With Superhuman AI, you can write faster than ever before. No more struggling for the right words, or spending precious time crafting the perfect message. Just jot down some phrases, and it’ll turn them into a fully written email. And best of all, the email sounds like you do. Superhuman AI matches the voice and tone in the emails you’ve already sent, applying that to everything it creates
  • Type At The Speed Of Thought: Superhuman AI fixes errors as you go. Extra characters, missing characters, transposed characters, missing punctuation, incorrect capitalization...to name just a few. But most importantly, you go faster. Its autocorrect increases typing speed by 30-50%
  • Polish Your Writing: With Superhuman AI, you can fix spelling and grammar, improve clarity, change length, and more, all with just a few keystrokes. You can even rewrite emails to be in your own voice. It’s like having a professional editor just for you. Polish your emails with speed and confidence
  • Summarize Long Communications: We’ve all had to deal with long email threads that evolve into daunting walls of text. Superhuman AI alleviates this problem by providing concise summaries of lengthy conversations. This not only accelerates your processing speed but also helps your colleagues and coworkers manage their time better​
  • Research Anything: Superhuman AI, powered by ChatGPT, allows you to research almost anything directly from your email interface. Whether you’re curious about the URIs that Google Calendar uses on iOS or looking for the best ways to manage remote teams, Superhuman AI can provide the answers. This feature is particularly helpful when drafting emails that require research, as it helps you stay focused and in the flow


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