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TinyEinstein's AI marketing manager can help you develop your Shopify business 10x more quickly. One of the best AI email marketing platforms for ecommerce


TinyEinstein is an AI marketing manager that manages all your messaging programs, including capturing prospects on your website, designing high-converting emails, copywriting, managing high inbox delivery, and automating marketing messages to deliver at the right time to drive sales and increase store revenues from your existing customers and prospective buyers


  • Automatically creates your master template with your brand voice & style: TinyEinstein automatically generates your master template tailored to your brand’s unique voices, assets, and visual styles. No design or coding needed
  • Creates stunning on-brand emails: TinyEinstein automatically creates and sends beautiful, on-brand emails written and curated by AI. No design, content creation, or scheduling needed
  • Enable complex automations in literally one-click: Your AI marketing manager automatically builds what normally would take hours and weeks for you. Enable complex triggered automation by just toggling a single button. Let TinyEinstein grow your store on autopilot
  • Auto-capture emails on your store with forms and popups: TinyEinstein also automatically creates and inserts email capture forms on your store. List growth woes are a thing of the past


Starts from $3 per month\100 contacts. Details here

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