Typing AI Biometrics
A secure typing biometrics authentication API.


Typing AI is a secure typing biometrics authentication API that identifies users by the way they type. This security tool identifies the users by the way they type using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The detA unique typing ID is generated for each user. Users with similar typing will have different biometric IDs. The typing biometrics API can be called using any programming language for web, mobile and desktop apps.


- Simple Technology: Simply requires a keyboard and some basic software to collect data.

- Secure and Reliable: Biometric characteristics can not be stolen, lost, or forgotten. Keystroke authentication is used widely in the industry.

- Unobtrusive: Keystroke biometrics can be easily integrated into a person’s daily routine.

- Biometric: Based on behavior traits acquired from the user typing on a keyboard.

- Cost Effective: No special hardware to purchase, deploy or maintain.

- Easy to Integrate: Built with standard APIs to integrate with other software solutions.

- Protects Privacy: Software does not collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

- Unique: Biometric characteristics are unique to each person. Each user has a different biometric Id.


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