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VoicePen AI
VoicePen AI is an AI-powered tool that transforms audio and video content into written content quickly and easily. It accepts .mp3, .mp4 and .wav audio formats and converts the content into a blog post, transcription, and an SRT file


VoicePen AI is the ideal solution for quickly transforming audio and visual files into blog posts. Its advanced AI technology automatically converts audio/video into text and generates a blog post within minutes. Make the most of VoicePen AI and enjoy the time-saving convenience of a professional, text-based transcription of your audio or video


  • Audio-to-Text Conversion: VoicePen AI uses advanced AI to convert audio or video files into transcriptions and blog posts
  • Efficiency: VoicePen AI can dramatically reduce the time required to generate a blog post from audio content, turning a task that could take hours or days into one that can be completed in minutes
  • High Accuracy: The platform utilizes the best speech-to-text model in the industry, surpassing many well-known platforms in performance benchmarks
  • Editing Capabilities: Users are provided the opportunity to review, edit, and regenerate the converted content, enabling customization and refinement
  • Multilingual Support: VoicePen AI supports 96 languages, making it possible to convert any language audio file into an English blog post


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