AI-driven team communication, collaboration, recognition, & reward platform.


WorkHub is an AI-driven employee efficiency management tool to meet your team’s collaboration, communication, and recognition needs. It is a pocket-friendly solution and leverages modern AI techniques to boost employees’ productivity working in hybrid conditions. Its core products are as follows:
WorkHub Connect: WorkHub Connect is a team communication software for internal and external communications. It comes with the most innovative feature of the “Intelligent Team Wall” that shows the headshots of its users taken at random intervals. You can get connected with anyone by single click calling option, grouped and personalized messages, and much more.
WorkHub Scheduling: It is a hassle-free appointment-scheduling software that simplifies the booking process in a cost-effective and user-friendly way. It enables you to integrate your different calendars, like Microsoft, Google, etc., for a seamless transition.
WorkHub eSignature: It is an affordable solution to sign your important documents and contracts digitally, eliminating the hassle of manual work. You can upload your document with end-end encryption and get it signed even by multiple persons within no time.
WorkHub TASKS: WorkHub TASKS is an AI-driven task management system for your entire team to streamline the collaboration process. Its robust ticketing system enables you to handle queries effectively for an improved customer service experience.
BRAVO: AI-based employee rewards and recognition platform to appreciate your employees’ hard work and achievements in a fun way. Each of your team members can give BRAVO points to anyone (from managerial to peer level) that can be redeemed afterward into exciting real-world awards from more than 40 countries.


-AI driven employee rewards and recognition
-Internal and external communication
-AI powered task management
-Hassle free appointment scheduling
-Digital signatures


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