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Subscription analytics platform.


ChartMogul gives you 1-click analytics for Stripe, Braintree, Chargify, Recurly & PayPal (or API). Over 800 subscription businesses are using ChartMogul to measure, understand and grow their business, using Churn Rate, LTV, ARPA, and tools like Cohort Analysis.

ChartMogul takes raw data from multiple sources and turns it into visualizations, enabling anyone within a company to run analyses and extract deep insights from their customer and revenue metrics. Run your subscription business on data. Reporting and analytics designed for SaaS and subscription businesses.


- Subscription analytics and reporting: Tracking MRR, churn, LTV, and cash flow are fundamental to growing your business. But to succeed in SaaS, you need to understand the trends behind those numbers.

- Segmentation: To better understand the inputs your revenue model is based on, and make data-informed decisions, you need to dig deeper. Segmentation enables you to identify which pricing plans are most profitable, the customer profiles that are most likely to convert, and who your great-fit customers really are.

- Data import: Simply import your subscription data to get set up with ChartMogul. Integrate directly with your subscription billing platform, upload a CSV, or build your own solution with our Import API.

- Data auditing, data editing, and advanced settings: Get control over your data at every layer with editing tools and advanced data settings.

- Data enrichment: Data enrichment features allow you to add additional information to your customer records in ChartMogul.

- Data output and integrations: Send MRR movements to your data warehouse, CRM, or Slack.

- SaaS platform features: Take every measure necessary to secure individual user access to the platform and ensure data privacy.



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