Document management for Google Drive and Dropbox teams.


Digitile simplifies employee workflows to improve productivity by auto-tagging information to help users find the right version of a document, no matter where it’s stored.

Create and organize a unified file taxonomy for digital assets stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud apps to simplify document management.


- Tag and Organise your Team Files: Easily and Intuitively Connect Content, organize tags thematically into groups, create interrelationships between categories and tags, employ Multi-Language Tags, achieve Document Organization

- Fast File Search: Discover hidden information, and get actionable insights fast, with intelligent search filters.

- Integrations: Digitile connects with your favorite apps.

- Security: User Roles & Permissions, Secure 3rd Party Authentication, Enterprise-Grade Data Protection.


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Document management for Google Drive and Dropbox teams.
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