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Facebook Ads Manager
Find out how you can manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager


Ads Manager is your starting point for running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. It’s a complete tool with which you can create ads, manage when and where they will be shown, and track the performance of your campaigns to meet your marketing goals


  • Create brand new ads: Choose campaign parameters such as an advertising target that matches your business goals

  • Choose your audience: Define your audience and target your ads smarter. Customize your target audience and make it as broad or specific as you want

  • Configure and manage your ad budgets: Set a total budget for your campaigns, and whether this will apply to each day or the entire duration of a campaign

  • Show ads in multiple apps: Automatically expand your ad across the Facebook family of apps and services with automatic placements so our display system has more flexibility to deliver better results

  • Customize your campaigns: Edit budget, audience, placement options and creative, as well as multiple ads at once. You can also pause, copy or restart your ad campaigns whenever you want

  • Improve performance with dynamic creative: Automatically serve personalized ads with dynamic creative/ Dynamic creative uses ad assets like images, video and text and combines them in ways that are ideal for your audience

  • Test to see which ads perform best: Create an A/B test to determine which audience, display optimization, placements, creative, or product sets will perform best for each of your campaigns

  • Access real-time statistics: See if your ads are achieving their intended purpose with the help of our reporting tools. By identifying trends that occur over time, you can determine what you need to adjust in order to improve the performance of your campaigns


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Find out how you can manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager
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