gwork – empowering your employees

Software that measures AND drives employee behavior to actualize business priorities AT SCALE.


g-work is a SaaS platform enabling large companies to properly manage employees connecting and assessing their soft and hard skills. It has a global HR Reporting Dashboard which is fully integrated with different systems, to get information and data on a daily basis. g-work composes the profile of each employee by taking under consideration:

    • Tasks (Completed, started, due, overdue, the time needed vs. time asked)
    • HR Data
    • Sales Data (for commercial people)
    • NPS Score
    • Employee Performance and Monitoring
    • Employee evaluation
    • Team activities
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* Employee Scoring* Automated personal feedback* Give employees a single score that encompasses all aspects* Combining hard and soft metrics* Gamified Journey and path to move up the hierarchy (structure)* Allows employers to see where they are standing* Allows employees to see what they’re doing well and how they can improve, on a weekly basis, with concrete actions.


Software to drive CHANGE with a granular behaviour change platform

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