Heap Analytics
Instant, retroactive analytics for web and iOS. No code required.


Heap analyzes your complete dataset to quickly illuminate hidden insights within your user’s digital journey so you can act with confidence. With Heap, you can see and understand every single thing your users do, so product and marketing teams know where to make the most impactful improvements to the digital product or website.

Heap helps digital experience owners quickly surface blind spots where users struggle or drop off in multi-step digital journeys, so that product and marketing teams know where to make the most impactful improvements to the digital product or website.


- Capture: Combining Autocapture, custom tracking, and server-side events, Heap gives you the tools to assemble a complete and manageable behavioral dataset.

- Enrichment: Enrich user, account, and event properties with rich detail from your internal and third-party systems to deepen your understanding of the customer journey.

- Integrations: Create unforgettable user experiences by connecting digital insights with a complete network of best-of-breed tools.

- Governance: Heap’s revolutionary data governance system is built on top of the world’s most complete data foundation.

- Security: Custom security configurations, built-in PII protections, encrypted data transfer, SOC 2/GDPR compliance, and programmable controls keep your customer data safe and secure.

- Infrastructure: Heap processes billions of events for millions of users, across the world, every single day.

- Illuminate: Platform’s powerful data science layer scours your dataset to automatically uncover the insights that lead to the biggest business results — even on untracked events.


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